Ron Gard is an applied cultural theorist, an attorney, and an entrepreneur. His work is truly interdisciplinary, spanning literature, film, law, business, communication, media and social entrepreneurship, while believing strongly in the interrelationship between the classroom, community, and building business opportunities.

Gard is licensed to practice law in NY, the Owner and CEO of Limited Times, LLC, and the Director of the Law/Culture/Innovation Initiative, a Tulane project connecting students with community-based projects while studying the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through this endeavor, and others, he focuses much of his time working with the New Orleans start-up community.

Since arriving in New Orleans in 2007, he has been involved as a fellow at Propeller, Idea Village, and 52 Businesses, giving him further insight into the start-up culture here in New Orleans. He is also a Non-Resident Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society. His research focuses on two areas: entrepreneurship (with specific work on the cultural ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship; and the lean start up in academic environments, for growing social entrepreneurial businesses and teaching students), and the culture and economy of work.

Gard currently teaches in the Communication department (film studies and social media courses) as well as in the SISE Minor (Intro to Business).  Gard has a J.D., and Ph.D. in Cultural Theory and Economy, Literature and Film Studies.

Fall Course: SISE 2020 Introduction to Business Principles and Methods