Lani Nguyen 2
Returning to the Marketing and Communications team for 2017-2018, Lani is excited to contribute skills in graphic design, photography, and videography to spread Taylor’s values and beliefs through social media. She is passionate listener and eager to share the stories of changemakers in the Tulane and New Orleans community through digital media. She is also looking forward to connect people with the many opportunities offered at the Taylor Center in order for those interested in becoming changemakers to find a path through outreach and social entrepreneur programs to better affect their communities. Lani is a Neuroscience major and Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship minor with the goal of pursuing medical school after her undergraduate endeavors and eventually working in underserved communities. She has experienced the joy of working in communities with limited access to healthcare in Ghana and hopes to return after practicing medicine in the US.
On campus, Lani has been a part of the Asian American Student Union executive board since first coming to Tulane and now sits as vice president. She actively works to break down barriers to educate the Tulane community and foster an all inclusive environment for the Asian minority on campus.
Outside of university, she can often be found dancing at concerts, adding hot sauce to everything, and laughing at her own jokes.