Kate Parker
Kate is a Communications and Marketing Fellow focused on applying her strengths in communications and digital media to broaden the Taylor Center’s reach and scope within the Tulane and New Orleans community. As a member of the 2016-2017 Changemaker Institute Cohort and as a student currently pursuing a Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship minor, Kate has gained a deep understanding of the Taylor Center and is passionate about connecting the community to Taylor’s values, mission, and programming. She is particularly interested in exploring how to reach individuals and groups who might not currently be aware of the abundant opportunities available to students, teachers, and other local community members.
Kate is currently double-majoring in Political Economy and English, and her interests are widespread; part of why design thinking and the field of social innovation are so appealing to her is the inherent intersectionality of both that makes the disciplines useful to people of all backgrounds. Her greatest areas of interest in social justice are creating equitable media systems, and expanding political rights for underrepresented voices. Past work, like writing for the New York Post and interning with a focus on social media for local nonprofit Top Box Foods, has equipped Kate for the tasks essential to organizations’ internal and external communications. 
She also writes for The Hullabaloo and for Spoon University, plays saxophone and sings whenever possible, and is continuing work on her nonpartisan political education project afterschool program for middle schoolers and high schoolers