Josh Axelrod
Joining the Marketing and Communications team for the 2017-18 academic year, Josh is eager to begin his work with human-based design and social innovation. Through his passion of writing and journalism, Josh hopes to use story-telling vehicles and social media to promote the values of the Taylor Center, which resonate deeply with his own. As a new member, Josh is hoping to see how he can engage students on campus and foster dialogue and debate.
Josh correlates his ambition for changemaking with his love of journalism, a passion that he has held for many years. Holding past positions as the Arcade (Arts & Entertainment) editor for the Tulane Hullabaloo, a staff writer for the Crescent City Jewish News and a marketing intern for Top Box Foods, Josh felt he was able to gain a better understanding of his community and tell fascinating stories that reverberate all throughout the city of New Orleans. He truly feels that journalism is one of the mediums that can change the world and wants to funnel his changemaking into this exciting and ever-changing vehicle. Josh is also a Community Engagement Advocate with the Center for Public Service and a volunteer with Swim 4 Success, organizations that allow him to learn more about social justice, youth education and inequity. He spent his past summer as a unit head at a Jewish sleepaway camp, attempting to embolden young Jewish children and instill changemaking ideals of respect, empathy, self-empowerment and creativity.
Josh is a sophomore, from Fanwood, NJ, studying English and Political Economy with a double minor in Film Studies and Jewish Studies — he aspires to become a journalist to combat the rise of “fake news,” covering important stories that matter to people across the globe. He believes that every change that can be made starts with a story and Josh is ready to start writing.