Carolyn Isaacson
Carolyn is a second year graduate student pursuing a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane’s School of Architecture. As a Changemaker Institute Fellow, Carolyn will collaborate with other fellows and Taylor Center staff to redefine how we teach, mentor, and guide students to become effective changemakers. Her passion for collaboration and communityengaged design brought her to the Taylor Center in the spring of 2017. Carolyn was a part of the 2017 Changemaker Institute venture cohort along with two other architecture graduate students under the venture ICME in History, a game product offering young students a fun new way to discover cultural identity. 
While working in Chicago as an architectural designer, Carolyn found another way to be a changemaker while volunteering with the ACE Mentor Program. At ACE she helped high school students design and build a rain collection and gardening center structure as well as a conceptual community center and theater within a planned healthcare campus. This past summer, as a design fellow at the Albert J. and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design, Carolyn collaborated with students and community members from across New Orleans to explore community engagement practices, build community assets, and listen to community needs.
Through her work with the ACE Mentor Program, Small Center for Collaborative Design, and the invaluable learning experience at the Changemaker Institute, Carolyn is propelled to engage others in design at all levels. Her education, thus far, at Tulane’s School of Architecture has inspired her to discover new ways of changemaking. Through this fellowship Carolyn aspires to give other Tulane changemakers the tools and network with which they might be empowered to make positive and impactful change.