T, R: 12-1:30pm
Allison Schiller teaches Design Thinking and is the Design Thinking Project Manager for the Taylor Center. Allison has facilitated design thinking initiatives with partners in government, non-profit and academic settings. Using principles of design theory coupled with design thinking, Allison works with various groups to develop user-centric solutions. Through her work at Taylor, Allison has led and participated in crash courses, workshops, deep dives, prototyping and many more collaborative efforts. 

As an instructor of Design Thinking in the SISE program at Taylor, Allison has built partnerships with Liberty’s Kitchen, R.O.C United and the City of New Orleans, teaching students from many disciplines a hands-on approach for using design to create social change. 

Schiller received a bachelors degree in film studies and creative writing from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She spent her junior year studying film history and production in Florence, Italy, later working in film production and post-production in San Francisco, Austin, and New York. In 2008, Allison moved to New Orleans where she worked for a year in the Tulane University Architect’s Office. She received her masters degree in Architecture from Tulane School of Architecture in 2012.  Allison spent two semesters working on design/build projects, her final fall studio participating in the award-winning Grow Dat Youth Farm project. This focus on public interest design led Allison back to Tulane to teach human-centered design at Taylor.

Fall Courses: SISE 3010 Design Thinking for Collective Impact