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Some of the courses listed below may require pre-requisite classes, instructor’s approval to enroll, or a specific form to request enrollment. Students are expected to be proactive when attempting to enroll in courses outside their majors or minors. For consideration of other courses as SISE approved electives, contact Rebecca Otten, Director of the SISE Minor.

SISE 4570: SISE Internship
Instructor: CPS

Note: Students must secure their own internship placement. Visit the Center for Public Service website for internship opportunities.

Internship Seminars are based on discussion sessions, professional development workshops, guest speakers from local organizations, and student presentations. CPS Internship Coordinators place students in the appropriate seminar depending on their department for credit and their internship. Topics include:

  • Communication Internship (limited to Communication major/minors only)
  • Careers in Health Sciences
  • Leadership and Ethics in Public Health
  • Psychology Internship
  • STEM Education Internship
  • Public History Internship Seminar
  • Topics in Community Engagement

SISE 4953: Future Ground
Instructors: Gray, Cordula, & Schiller, Allison

Strong social connections provide the elasticity for communities not only to survive, but to ultimately thrive and regain their vitality after a disturbance.  Resiliency exists in connections between people and places.  These connections can be built through a variety of systems and across a range of scales, both physical and temporal.  Applied strategies can be large or small, perpetual or temporary, spontaneous or intentional.  By setting a framework for people to meet, share, and connect, the invisible and intangible threads of a community grow in volume and strength, creating an elastic, resilient whole. The concept of shared space, the inherent attachment to place and culture that ultimately allows for the allocation of common resources and knowledge between individuals and across communities demonstrates the strength in collective identity to ensure resiliency.  In connection with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority the course will focus on the continued presence of vacant and blighted properties throughout the city of New Orleans. Through design thinking and speculative design fictions, students will envision future scenarios for urban development, considering social, ethical and cultural implications in conjunction with emerging technologies and policy-making.

SISE 4950-01 The Arts & Social Impact
Instructor: Woodward, Sarah

The purpose of this course is to examine the value of the arts in society, and more specifically the linkages between the arts, creative problem solving, and social impact.  The capacity for artistic expression is one of the defining characteristics of being human. Yet, the arts are systematically devalued in public schools.  And the myth of the “struggling artist” perpetuates the idea of the artist as an outcast.  Drawing from multiple perspectives, we will explore the unique ways the arts contribute to social impact.   We will discuss theories, read scholarly articles, examine case studies, and hear from guest speakers in the local arts community.

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