Work on Purpose

Identify Career Paths that are Right for You and Good for the World

The Work on Purpose program inspires and equips students to realize their unique way to make a social impact—be it as a nonprofit or social business employee, an artist-activist, an effective board member, a high-impact volunteer, a social entrepreneur, or in any number of other potential roles. This workshop curriculum leverages life and work lessons from Echoing Green’s social entrepreneurship fellows to provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place, and in a way that is uniquely right for them.

Backdate Your Resume: Consider how your purpose path may have begun long before your standard resume.

Family Influences: Uncover conscious and subconscious messages you receive about work and how those messages shape the way you approach your career.

Moment of Obligation: Discover the social problems you most want to address and your priorities in addressing these social problems.

Take Perspective….Someone Else’s: Discuss how to create solutions that are right for the communities you are trying to serve.

Winding Paths: Step onto your purpose path, even if the breadth of the social issues you want to help address seems overwhelming.

Out of Whack: Recognize when your heart and head are not aligned or when you’re not doing work that leads you toward your purpose.

Taking Care of You: Figure out how to sustain yourself while working on the issues that matter deeply to you.

Transforming Challenges into Strengths: Recognize clues within your personal challenges that help point to your purpose.

Heart + Head = Hustle: Identify work that aligns your heart, the issues that matter most to you, and your head, the unique gifts you can contribute.

Know What You’ve Got, Know What You Need: Identify your gifts and surround yourself with people whose gifts complement your own.

Fail-Off: Confront your fear of failure, a central barrier emerging professionals face when pursuing their purpose.

Fear Means Go: Identify and face fears that may keep you from walking your purpose path

Doing Good & Doing Well: Explore a prevalent message our social change work, that you cannot do good and do well at the same time.

Hustle Statement: Write your personal purpose statement

Try on a Hustle: Give yourself permission to dream about living your hustle ten years from now.


Trained facilitators can offer 60-90 minute workshops on the topics below by request. To set up a workshop or series of workshops for your organization, class, or student cohort, complete an interest form.

For more information contact Rebecca Otten.

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