Changemaker Institute Alum Wins $100,000 at MassChallenge

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Congratulations to Anoop Jain and the SHRI Team, formerly Humanure Power envisioned and incubated at Tulane. SHRI was one of four teams that won the top prize of $100,000 at MassChallenge this year. Over 2,200 teams applied to MassChallenge this year. “We are so humbled and thankful that MassChallenge is taking this incredible chance on us!” Anoop said. “This funding could not have come at a better time. We are now in a position to build two more facilities in partnership with two large Indian government programs. Our goal is to work closely with them and demonstrate to them that we are a viable development partner. We firmly believe that working with these democratically empowered institutions – and working to strengthen these offices – is the best mode to scale our work.”

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