Internship Opportunities with Birthing Project USA: The Underground Railroad for New Life

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Birthing Project USA, a NGO focused on improving birth outcomes for women of color, is offering exciting Student Intern Opportunities in community health at the local, national and international levels .

Accepting Applications for Student Interns for Projects in the United States, Cuba, Uganda, Ghana & Malawi. 

  • Assist in implementation of International Maternal & Child Health Projects, including identifying resources to provide medicine and supplies, continuing education and medical assistance to health care providers, analysis and response to national and international policy and documentation/
  • Assist National Resource Center, including organization development and provision of technical support to new and on-going project replications at the local level across U.S.
  • Assist with the New Orleans Birthing Project, including administration, program development/implementation, public relations/communication and documentation/ evaluation

Work with Internationally Recognized Ashoka Fellow Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

For more information or to schedule an interview, email

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